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Corrie Collection, The (4 titles)

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Behind The Scenes with The Hiding Place, One Way Door, Corrie: The Lives She's Touched, Jesus Is Victor.

Here in one set are four documentary films on the life and ministry of Corrie Ten Boom - concentration camp survivor and 'tramp for the Lord'. Included is a tour of places described inThe Hiding Place, guided by Corrie herself.

Running Time 192 mins

Behind The Scenes with The Hiding Place, One Way Door, Corrie: The Lives She's Touched, Jesus Is Victor.

Corrie ten Boom. The tramp for the Lord. A woman whose commitment to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ spanned 30 years. In 1944, after helping hundreds of Jews escape the final solution, the ten Booms of Holland were arrested and sent to concentration camps where Corrie's father and sister died.

Corrie ten Boom walked out of the gates of the concentration camp and continued walking all over the world, with the words of her beloved sister echoing in her ears, "We must tell people that no pit is so deep that He is not deeper still .. they will believe us, because we were here."

World Wide Pictures is happy to make available the complete collection based on the life and ministry of Corrie ten Boom - four films which will inspire you, touch you and show you the power of Christ.

Corrie: Behind the Scenes with The Hiding Place
The Hiding Place. The story of Corrie ten Boom and her family and their courageous commitment during the dark years of the Holocaust. Corrie takes you behind the scenes of this Christain classic and back to her home in Holland. We visit the streets where Corrie rode her bicycle as a child, the church where she prayed, and the house that became the hiding place for so many during Europe's darkest hour. 60 mins

One Way Door: Corrie's Biography
Corrie ten Boom has found Jesus Christ is with her even in the deepest hell that man can create. Jesus can set you free .. inside! 29 mins

Jesus is Victor

The final film in the Corrie ten Boom collection, completed just beofre her death, is a moving portrait of the woman who was called "a tramp for the Lord". Join Corrie on an intimate journey through her memories. The quiet, domestic life of the first fifty years, the turbulence and torture of the concentration camp, thirty years of traveling through the hearts of people all over the world, and the final gentle days in her California home.
You will be touched by Corrie's unique insights into the heart of GOD, because she tells everyone who listens, "There is no darkness that satan can create that will shut out the light of GOD's never-ending love for you and me." 41 mins

Corrie: The Lives She's Touched
The last public appearance by Corrie ten Boom is a tribute to the woman who walked out of a concentration camp and into the hearts of millions. Relatives, friends and people from all over the world bring their love to Corrie in a special night of music and praise. Hosted by Cliff Barrows and featuring Evie Tornquist, the Gaither trio, Ruth Graham, Jeanette Clift and George Beverly Shea. 62 mins

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